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My aim as a freelance web programmer at OneRedFish is to be able to offer high quality solutions in all the necessary areas involved in the creation of a website while, of course, having constant dialogue with my clients.

You can supervise the project at any time and be as involved as you want, depending on the time you’ve got to devote to it.

This is how I like to work when creating a website:enough to modify in order to create layouts for any design, such that when the site I’m working on is finished does not only have the desired form but is also easy to manage and can grow as necessary.

The first step is for you to show me the material you already have designed and the type of website you need, the functions it needs to have, etc.

After making contact with me for the first time, you’ll receive a full budget for the whole project you have in mind.

If any aspect of the design needs to be finished, we would look at it in this point of the process.

We would continue writing content, and correcting and optimising any translated content, if this hasn’t already been created.

The next step will be focussed on programming the web design while taking web positioning into account.

Once the project has been completed and, obviously, with your approval, we will take the website live and you’ll pay for the work that’s been done; this means you won’t risk your money without having seen if the final results is what you expected.

Additionally, I can take care of managing your definitive web hosting and domain so that your page is available in search engines as soon as possible.

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